Yoshida Shonen



CD付ZINE「月刊ナイフ」(2003) /「songs」(2008) /「黄金の館」(2016) /「桃源郷」(2017)/「空前のサミット Undiscovered peak」(2021)とソロアルバムを発表。
参加グループ作品は、SUZMENBA「faint memory」(2005) /「enitohanicolte」(2007) /「Because brain tells me!」(2010)、吉田省念と三日月スープ「Relax」(2009)、くるり「坩堝の電圧」(2012)、奇妙礼太郎「more music」(2018)、現代家族「空間の美食家 in New York・ヨシダミノル」(2019)。
あがた森魚・オクノ修・Yatchi・KENT VALLEYの作品にゲスト参加。


Active 1980 Kyoto born Guitarist as well as singer songwriter,
has started playing in the band at age of 13 when electric guitar came across his life.
Since then he has absorbed root music to the avant-garde in diversity, seeking depth & scene for his sounds.
After art school graduation in 2000, he expanded his associates & friends in music industry by joining
“Veilchen Kranke”, “SUZMENBA” etc., then he released solo albums of
CD attached Zine “「Gekkan-Knife」(2003) / 「songs」(2008) / 「Ougon-no-Yakata」(2016) / 「Togenkyo」(2017)/ 「Undiscovered peak」(2021).
He handled a variety of musical instrument, arrangement & artworks by himself in album also and
act extensively as music provider, CM & stage music production, drawing & literary works.
Participated group productions are SUZMENBA 「faint memory」(2005) / 「enitohanicolte」(2007) / 「Because brain tells me!」(2010)、
ShonenYoshida & Mikazuki Soup, 「Relax」(2009)、QURULI 「Voltage of Melting Pot」」(2012)、
Reitaro Kimyo 「more music」(2018)、Gendai Kazoku 「Epicurism of Space Universe in New York・Minoru Yoshida 」」(2019).
Other participation as guest musician on their production for Morio Agata・Osamu Okuno・Yatchi・KENT VALLEY.
Don’t let you miss his monthly live performance 「Ougon-no-Yakata」at “jittoku” in Kyoto playing since 2014.


-SOLO works-
【ZINE】吉田省念/月刊ナイフ(2003)(SOLD OUT!)
【CD】吉田省念/songs(2008)(SOLD OUT!)
【EP】吉田省念/「兎の角」「LUNA suzmenba mix」(2019)
【CD】吉田省念/空前のサミット Undiscovered peak(2021)
【寄稿】書籍「山口富士夫:天国のひまつぶし」松村正人 編 河出書房新社
【描画】モダンアンテナ/星空のオーバードライブ (着物のための描画)
【CD】奇妙礼太郎/More Music プロデュース作品


-GROUP works-
【CD】すみれ患者/ライブ盤二枚組 (?)(SOLD OUT!)
【CD】SUZMENBA/faint memory (2005)
【CD】ゼンマイ/萌えテクノぽっぷぅ (2006)
【CD】SUZMENBA/enitohanicolte (2007)
【CD】SUZMENBA/Because brain tells me! (2010)
【CD】吉田省念と三日月スープ/RELAX(2009)(SOLD OUT!)
【CD】吉田省念 + 四家卯大 + 植田良太/Live Session キヌキセヌ(2014)(SOLD OUT!)
【CD】柳原吉田/お中元 2015(SOLD OUT!)
【書籍】現代家族「空間の美食家 in New York・ヨシダミノル」(2019)


-GUEST works-
【EP】MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ & BILL WELLS/How’s Your Bassoon, Turquoirs? (2006)
【CD】ザ・ドクロズ/遅い昼食 (2008)
【CD.LP】あがた森魚/浦島65BC (2015)
【CD.LP】オクノ修/ホジキンソンさんの言うことには (2018)
【CD】yatchi/第3区間ピアノ (2018)
【CD】あがた森魚/理想の靴下と船 (2018)